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Helping make voice and broadband more affordable for qualified households

Lifeline is a federal benefit that lowers the monthly cost of phone or internet service for qualifying customers. Tombigbee Fiber, LLC offers this program, administered by the Universal Service Administration Company (USAC) and the National Verifier, to help make communications services more affordable. You can use Lifeline for either phone or Broadband internet service. Click below to access the National Verifier Customer Portal to apply online, download a paper application or view additional resources.


Lifeline is non-transferable and is limited to one discount per household (i.e. phone OR internet). Only eligible consumers may enroll, and a household cannot receive Lifeline benefits from multiple providers.

Enrollees will receive a monthly credit on their Tombigbee Fiber bill.


Lifeline residential discount for internet or phone service (only one discounted amount allowed):

  • $9.25 internet (and bundled) OR

  • $5.25 voice only (Voice Lifeline discount is applicable until 12/1/2024)

After you received a notice that you have qualified for the program, you must contact and notify Tombigbee Fiber either by phone at 1-877-FIBER2U or email ( of your approval.

After approval, Tombigbee Fiber will require two documents before customer can receive the ACP benefit:

  • The customer’s Lifeline approval email from USAC.

  • A signed consent form granting Tombigbee Fiber informed consent to enroll the customer in the Lifeline Program with Tombigbee Fiber as the service provider.

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