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Understand Prorated Billing

What is prorated billing?

Prorated billing is a way to calculate standard billing amounts when they occur across a non-standard billing period. For example, your Tombigbee Fiber service is billed monthly. If you start or stop service mid-month, your charges for that month are prorated, meaning that they are based only on the days that month on which you had service.

How is proration calculated?

  • Your usual full monthly charge is divided by 30 (or 31) days to determine a daily rate.

  • The daily rate is multiplied by the number of days in that billing period on which you had service.

  • The result is your prorated charge, also known as your partial month charge.

Which types of charges or credits may be prorated?

All monthly charges including your monthly plan rate.

When do proration charges typically occur?

Proration charges occur whenever you start or stop service in the middle of a billing period, such as on your first bill, when you make a change to your plan, or if your service is disconnected or resumed. Your bill may even show more than one prorated charge/credit if service was stopped and started again within the same billing cycle.

Proration billing on your first bill

When you begin your Tombigbee Fiber service, you are billed a month in advance. This means that your first bill will include your first full monthly charge along with the prorated (or partial) charges/credits for the last billing month.

Proration billing for a service package change

If you make a change to your plan, your next bill will reflect a proration charge/credit.

Proration billing when service is disconnected

If your account experiences a service disconnection, your bill will show a prorated credit for monthly charges from the last billing cycle.

Proration billing when service resumes after a disconnection

If your service is restored after a disconnection, your next bill will show prorated monthly charges from the prior billing period, along with the usual charges for the current billing period.

Proration billing when service is disconnected and resumed in the same billing period

If your account was disconnected and restored in the last billing period, your bill will include both the prorated credits from the disconnection period and the prorated charges from after it was restored. Your bill will also include your standard full monthly charge for the current billing period along with any late fees and service restoration fees, if applicable.

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