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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price for internet service?


Residential Packages

  • 100 MBPS - $54.90/month

  • 1 GBPS - $84.90/month


Business Packages

Please contact 877-FIBER2U for pricing


Why should I choose Tombigbee Fiber over other providers?

The answer is simple, Tombigbee Fiber, LLC belongs to Tombigbee Electric Power Association which belongs to its members.  When we say we are “Bringing Your Fiber to You” we mean just that.  It is your fiber.  The money you pay for service funds the costs of building and maintain the system with local people that live and work here in our community.  If you have trouble with your service, you will contact local people and all decisions are made locally.  We will serve you in the same manner that we served you electric power for over eighty-eight years.  If you see a red truck, it will mean that Tombigbee Electric or Tombigbee Fiber is there to serve you.


What should I do if the Tombigbee Fiber website does not recognize my address to check for service availability?

Please call 877-FIBER2U and someone will assist you with a projected timeline.


Do I need to add my name to a list to receive Tombigbee Fiber when it is available in my area?

Tombigbee Fiber will announce when service is available in your area.  Methods of notification include social media, website, door hanger, and/or mailer.  You will be required to fill out a service selection application when registration is open in your area.


Are there any upfront costs when I sign up for internet service?


During the fiber construction buildout, Tombigbee is not requiring a deposit or installation fee.  Your first bill could be prorated.  The first bill will cover service selection costs between the service connection date through the end of the following month.  After the first bill is paid, your bill will be a flat rate based on the selected service plan.  More information about proration can be found at


If fiber lines have already been constructed in my area, why will it be 3-6 months before service is available?


The appearance of fiber lines in your area is an indicator of construction progress, but not of the timeline in which your service will be available.  We have approximately 4,000 miles of fiber to build and use different resources at differing times to make progress in several areas at one time.  Typically, our fiber construction will follow electric feeders.  A feeder should be built to completion before turning the feeder on for service in most circumstances.  A feeder can serve hundreds of customers and be many miles in length.  Once the fiber is fully constructed, splicing begins.  Splicing fiber is a very tedious and precise process that can take weeks to complete.  Other variables that can affect construction timelines are weather and road crossings.  Tombigbee is working very hard to provide accurate timelines for its construction progress.


How long after the “black box” has been placed on the pole can I expect service to be available in my area?

The “black box” is a termination point between the mainline fiber and the fiber drop to the home or business referred to as a tap.  A tap is a positive sign that fiber is getting closer to you.  However, it is not an indicator of availability.  There are hundreds of taps along a fiber feeder.  After the placement of the tap, splicing must be completed, testing concluded and then the feeder should open for service.  Tombigbee will alert the customer through social media, website, door hanger, or mailer that it is time to register for fiber service. 


How will my fiber service be connected to my house?  Will the service be underground or overhead?

Typically, the path of your fiber service will follow the same path as your electricity.  If you have underground power, you will have underground fiber service.  If your electricity is aerial, your fiber service will be aerial.


Will Tombigbee offer internet service to every Tombigbee Electric member?

Tombigbee is building fiber infrastructure to serve its entire electric service territory.  When our buildout is complete, if you have electricity through Tombigbee Electric Power Association, you will have the opportunity to receive internet service through Tombigbee Fiber.



Why is fiber optic internet better than satellite, DSL, and other forms of internet?

Simply stated, it is the fastest form of internet available.  Fiber optic cables transfer data faster than satellite or DSL.


Will fiber optic internet be enough to stream live television?

Fiber optic internet is capable of multiple streaming platforms simultaneously.  Tombigbee Fiber offers the bandwidth to meet each customer’s individual needs.


Will Tombigbee provide internet service to anyone that lives off the Tombigbee Electric system?

Yes, Tombigbee will build into other areas for which it is receiving federal funding and possibly other areas as well.  Our Tombigbee Electric members are the priority; however, there could be small sections off system build as construction progresses. 


Does Tombigbee receive grant money to build unserved areas?

Tombigbee has obtained grants through the State of MS and the Federal Government.  Each program has specific requirements and timelines as to what areas must be served with those funds.  The funds allocated through the State of MS have allowed us to bring service to 3,800 rural customers, of which 2,200 now have service, and 1,300 of which were entirely unserved customers in our Northwest electric service territory, of which over 1,200 have signed up for service.  We have currently built almost half of our project to the areas defined as unserved under the Mississippi Grant Program.  We will build our entire service territory.  The federal funding is paid over ten years and will be satisfied by our currently total projected build timeline.


Will you ever get to my community? 

If you are a Tombigbee Electric Power Association member you will have the opportunity to receive internet service through Tombigbee Fiber no later than the end of 2023.  Please reference the phase map to get a general idea of internet service availability timelines in your area.

What number do I call if I have issues with my service?

Please call 1-888-601-2449 for technical assistance.  If your issue cannot be resolved over the phone, a Tombigbee technician will be dispatched to resolve your problem.

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