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When should I expect to receive broadband service?

  • Construction is currently under progress.  We anticipate having our first customers going live in April/May 2020.  As soon as we have the plans available, we will let you know through our website and social media.

How much will the internet cost?

  • Our Residential Internet Packages are listed below.

    • $54.90 - ​100 mbps (upload/download)

    • $84.90 - 1,000 mbps (1GB) (upload/download)

  • Our Small Business Internet Packages are listed below.

    • $84.90 - ​100 mbps (upload/download)

    • $304.90 - 1,000 mbps (1GB) (upload/download)

What else is offered besides internet?

Currently, we will offer a phone package.  Prices are below:

  • Our Residential Phone Prices are listed below.

    • $29.95 - ​First phone line

    • $25.00 each - Additional phone line(s)

  • Our Small Business Phone Prices are listed below.

    • $49.95 - ​First phone line

    • $35.00 each - Additional phone line(s)

What if I have no broadband service available at all, or if my service is very limited?  Where will the broadband service be built first and why?

  • Like many other complicated construction projects, there are very specific technical and monetary reasons for how broadband should be constructed:

    • Since this is a very large construction project with more than 3,000 miles of fiber optic cable that must be installed before all members can have an opportunity to take the service, the construction is planned to occur in four (4) phases…one phase per year.  Existing electric circuits using metallic conductors cannot be used to transport the light source for broadband service.​

    • Phase 1 actual construction began on December 9, 2019, with preparation of the existing power line pole routes to accept the new fiber option cables.

    • The construction must begin where the Internet Service Provider (ISP) source originates.  This is typically at or near the electric power substation.

    • Once the light source is available at the power substation, fiber optic cable is attached to each electric feeder circuit that travels by and serves all locations where homes and businesses are located.

    • At each electric substation, fiber optic construction begins with circuits that serve areas where higher member concentration exists.  This can include areas where some homes may already have broadband service, while others nearby may not have service.  This method of construction affords the lowest cost of construction possible and helps to reduce the cost of internet packages made available to members.



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