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Residential Voice

Discover exceptional voice services at competitive prices offered by your local broadband provider!

Discover the ultimate voice service that is top-notch!

Upgrade to our phone services, powered by Tombigbee Fiber's high-speed internet connection, and immerse yourself in the world of digital phone service, complete with an array of fantastic calling features.

Keep your current phone number or opt for a new one.

Reach out to our office at 1-877-FIBER2U and inform us of your needs!

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  • Unlimited Nationwide Calling

  • International For Pennies Per Minute

  • Call Forwarding

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Speed Dial

  • Do Not Disturb

Residential Phone Pricing Packages


Keep your existing phone number or choose to receive a new phone number.

$29.95 per month

* Applicable Taxes Apply

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Need more than one phone line?  No problem!

$25.00 per month

(each line)

* Applicable Taxes Apply

Additional Voice Information

Click HERE for Residential Voice Features

Click HERE for Additional Voice Pricing Information

Click HERE for Additional Voice Documentation

Click HERE for International Calling Rates

Click HERE for 10-Digit Phone Dialing Update

Need a Battery Backup for Your Phone & Internet Services?

Ensure you stay connected during emergencies, such as storms or power outages, by investing in a battery backup from Consolidated Electrical Distributors (CED).

This additional purchase will provide your phone with up to 24 hours of standby time.

  • 8-Hour Battery Backup

  • 24-Hour Battery Backup

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Download the FREE Tombigbee Fiber App Today!

Protect your loved ones

  • Parental Controls

  • Block Threats

  • Filter Content

  • Set Time Durations

  • And More...

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Need Technical Support?

Call our toll free number at 1-888-601-2449 or email us at
for assistance. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

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