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Residential Internet Pricing Packages


100 Mbps

Download & Upload Speed

(Unlimited Data)

Great for students or families who enjoy streaming video and downloading music.  This package allows the bandwidth needed to limit buffering and long wait times for your downloads.



1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps)

Download & Upload Speed

(Unlimited Data)

Are you a gamer? Do a lot of video chatting? Never again be held back by not having fast enough internet service, it doesn’t get any better than our Ultra package!


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  • People, Places, Things: Organize your devices for easy control and management. Turn on/off the internet for specific people, devices, or even rooms in your household. 

  • Network Control: Easily change your internet network name and password.

  • Basic Parental Controls: Schedule internet access to automatically turn on and off for your kids.

  • Guest Networks: Got company coming? Set up a network to give them easy access while protecting your main network.

  • Speed Test: See how fast your network is running with a simple tap.


Manage the People, Places and Things that connect to your Wi-Fi


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