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Take Your Connected Life Outdoors

Introducing the Ultimate

Wi-Fi Plan

Effortless Wi-Fi for Your Backyard, Patio, Workshop, and Beyond

Whether you’re streaming by the pool, working from the porch, or keeping the kids entertained on the patio, our fully-managed outdoor Wi-Fi solution delivers the connectivity you need.

GigaSpire BLAST u4hm

Includes hardened outdoor Wi-Fi system

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Ultimate Outdoor Wi-Fi Package

The GigaSpire BLAST u4hm residential hardened system delivers exceptional bandwidth and coverage experiences for your family outside your home.

  • Easy Integration

  • Backyard Connection

  • Enjoy Fast & Reliable Wi-Fi

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Everything You Need To Upgrade Your Entire Property With Seamless Connectivity

Transform your outdoor spaces into extensions of your connected world. From the patio to the pool, workshop to the far end of the yard, enjoy rock solid Wi-Fi designed for any backyard. Stream movies and music by the bonfire, take work calls on the deck or patio, keep an eye on the kids playing in the yard, and stay in sync with your smart devices.

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Stay connected, everywhere

Our hardened systems provide powerful coverage and are built to withstand the harshest environments from sub-zero temps, rain and even lightning.

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Advanced security

Don't let cyber threats bog down your day or devices. Cyber security is built-in to protect you and your devices against viruses, malware, and web threats.

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Fully Managed, Effortless Enjoyment

Enjoy personalized solutions for your unique outdoor spaces tailored to your needs. We install, optimize, and maintain - you simply relax.

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The Power of Control

Extend your Wi-Fi to every corner of your property. Prioritize devices and manage your network like a pro with our app.

Beyond the Bricks: Unleash the Power of Outdoor Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi that Doesn't Stop: Stream, Work, and Play Non-Stop

The Poolside Office

Turn your patio into your new favorite workspace with reliable Wi-Fi for conference calls and seamless file transfers.

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Backyard Entertainment Hub

Stream movies, music, and sports without buffering - perfect for outdoor gatherings and family time.

Workshop & Shed Connectivity

Extend your productivity to your workshop or shed, accessing project plans and online tutorials effortlessly.

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Dockside Connectivity Has Arrived

Take your lake days to the next level with seamless Wi-Fi right by the water - all without sacrificing signal strength.

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Extend your connected lifestyle outdoors

Because your best life isn't lived indoors.
It's time to break out(side).

Elite support with a dedicated Wi-Fi specialist

Personalized Outdoor Wi-Fi design includes custom install at no charge

Total property GigsSpire (GigaPro) hardened Outdoor Wi-Fi 6 system

Tombigbee Fiber Wi-Fi control app, with built-in security and device control

$15.00 /month

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GigaSpire BLAST u4hm

The GigaSpire BLAST u4hm residential hardened system delivers exceptional bandwidth and coverage experiences for your family outside your home.

Questions?  Call 1.877.FIBER2U

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GigaSpire BLAST u4hm

Expand your coverage!

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