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Request Fiber Internet Service

Would you like to request fiber internet service to your business?

If so, please fill out the form below.

We will consider a submitted form as intent to start the installation process.

Please Choose Your Preferred Contact Method(s):

Tombigbee Electric Account Number:

(Ex: 2xxxxx-1xxxxx). Location is the number that starts with "2," Customer is the number that starts with "1."

(Ex: 2xxxxx-1xxxxx)

Fiber Internet Options (Check Only One)
Would You Like To Add Phone? (Check Only One)

If You Want to Add Phone, Please Answer the Next Four Questions:

If You Would Like to Add Phone, Which Option Would You Like? (Check Only One)

If You Would Like to Keep Your Existing Business Land Line Phone Number, What is the Phone Number?

How Many Phone Lines Would You Like? (Check All That Apply)

If You Need Additional Phone Lines, How Many Would You Like?

Please Choose/List Any Instance That May Prevent a Fiber Drop or Install From Being Completed (Check All That Apply)
Choose the Preferred Method Below for Receiving Your Monthly Billing Statement


Want to Sign Up For Auto-Pay?

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Already signed up for Bank Draft for Tombigbee Electric and want to use the same account?

Want to Sign Up For Bank Draft?

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Want to Enable Auto-Pay with a Credit/Debit Card or Bank Account?

After this form is submitted, we will create your account.  After your account is created, we will contact you back to allow you to create a login and setup auto-pay via our Customer Portal.

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If you are porting your current phone number to Tombigbee Fiber's voice services, DO NOT cancel your service with your current voice provider until the port has been completed.

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